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With recent changes to the Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association Bylaws and their Arbitration Board Rules there is an item everyone should be made aware.
Article 9 Section 6 (Approaching Players)
No team, club, coach or player or any other person may approach a registered player to leave his club.  Refer to Arbitration Rules, Section VII for governing this offense.
Arbitration Board Rules regarding this subject state:
     "When a registered player is approached by another team, club, coach or any other person to leave his current club the penalty will be a suspension of the accused of at least 6 months on the first occasion and at least one year on the second."
    Please do not "approach" a player or parent that their child is registered with another club.  If that parent should ask questions regarding your club, it would be polite to answer.  If the conversation develops any further please refer them to the coaches or me.  We will be having our tryouts for the upcoming 2007 - 2008 season soon and at that time players from other teams or clubs may come to our tryouts.
    Likewise if you feel you or your child have been "approached" by another club please contact me.
Thank you,

Wyoming Valley Sports Dome


Today is Wednesday, March 7th.. It's been great to see the leagues reopen . The Dome has been buzzing with the activity of our many returning teams and friends. We would like to update all league teams on our revised schedules. Full 10 game revised Field Hockey schedules for teams playing on Monday and Tuesday (7th and Under, 8th and Under, 10th and Under,12th and Under) are now posted to our website. Additionally , full 10 game revised schedules for all youth soccer teams playing on Tuesday and Wednesday (U-15G, U-19B and U-19G) are also posted. We are finishing up revised full Thurs and Fri night schedules and have posted this weeks games to our website in the interim .( U-7 Coed, U-9B, U-9G, U-11B, U-11G,U-13B,U-13G,U-17B). We have also called all coaches registered in the remaining  Wed, Thurs and Fri night leagues to give them game times for this week. We did reach some answering machines so if there is a question check the website or call the Dome. Full 10 game revised schedules for all Thurs/Fri night teams will be available at game time. Revised schedules have been posted for the Sunday night Men's Open league and our Tues night Over 30's. Over 40's will continue their league on Thurs beginning at 7:30. We are taking final registrations for Flag Football set to open mid-March. This weekend we look forward to resuming our regular tournament schedule. In addition we will be welcoming the Pioneers AF2 Football team as they open their Spring camp, the Back Mtn Lacrosse Club, and EPYSA who will be training their Olympic Development teams. It's great to be up and running. We look forward to the the rest of the week as all of our teams return. There's been a lot of excitement as teams once again take the field to enjoy their favorite sport and the company of good friends!!


Wyoming Valley Sports Dome


Reopening Update !!!

Today is Tuesday Feb 27th. We continue to make substantial progress with regards to repairing damage to the Dome in the aftermath of the storm of Feb 14th. We are ahead of schedule for repairs as we enter our last phase which is attaching the Dome to our concrete building and foundation. All repairs to the confined area of damage over Field# 1 are complete. Today the Dome was completely re-attached to the building with the exception of 2 corner anchor bolts which need to be replaced. The Dome was again partially inflated as we worked on checking our light fixtures inside (They are in good shape) . Tomorrow (Wed) plans are to remove a small area of ice on the outside corner of Field #3, finish the 2 anchor bolt areas , and permantely inflate the Dome. The Dome will then be inspected by ASATI, our air structure developers. ASATI and our local engineering company who designed our complex (Trade Eastern) have been invaluable in our speedy repairs. We will be resuming all activities either Friday or Saturday depending on tomorrows progress. We are also considering having an open play day on Thursday as so many of you have stopped by in anticipation of the Dome's reopening. We'll keep everyone updated and will be calling all coaches regarding resuming our leagues possibly Friday and definitely Monday. Please note State Cups are still on for Saturday. Last Thurs we briefly had the Dome partially inflated to work on some water removal.pic1, pic2, pic3



Wyoming Valley Sports Dome


Reopening Update !!!

GREAT NEWS!!! We are ahead of schedule for repairs of damage to the Dome caused by the storm of Feb 14th. Our air structure developers (ASATI) now have 2 crews working to complete all necessary work. The confined damage over Field #1 to the skin of the Dome is now fully repaired.  Friday the skin of the dome was completely removed from our concrete building to make repairs easier from ground level. Repairs to the skin continued through Saturday and were completed today (Sunday.) On Monday the final phase of re-attaching the Dome to our concrete building and foundation will begin. We do not expect that the snow due to arrive Sunday into Monday will affect us much. Much of the snow will be able to be pumped off. In addition our ability to now partially inflate the Dome will move snow to outside perimeters. Thanks to all of you who have stopped by with words of encouragement and enthusiasm for our progress. We will be contacting all teams regarding  schedules  to resume leagues and tournaments. .If all goes well we can plan on inflating the Dome either Wed or Thurs with activities to resume by the weekend. Here are some pics taken last Thurs when we briefly had the Dome partially inflated to work on some water removal.pic1, pic2, pic3


Wyoming Valley Sports Dome


Update: As many of you are aware, there has been structural damage to the Dome due to the storm on Feb. 14.

We will be forced to cancel all scheduled activities until such time as we can asses the damage and put into place our plans to make full repairs and reopen. Rest assured the Dome is fully insured both structurally and for loss of business. This will allow us the opportunity to make a plan not only for the Dome, but for the loss of business suffered by our customers as well. We have already met personally with our insurance adjuster and had multiple telephone conversations with our building engineers. We hope to continue to service our valued customers as soon as possible. To all of you who have called offering your willingness to help, please know that it means so much to us. Your words and encouragement have gotten us through a very difficult day. They have been our inspiration to put the extra hours in to make this inconvenience and your time away from the Dome as short as possible. As soon as we have updated information, we will keep all of our customers informed. Please check back for updates.


Ed and Susie

Wyoming Valley Sports Dome


To WVSD Members:

Due to persistent rumors, and they are rumors, we feel it is necessary to respond to concerns of the Dome closing. The Dome has not been sold, period! The Dome is not being demolished, period! There are no town houses being built on our property, period! Business is as usual with registration for our second winter session exceeding numbers from last year. Be fully assured that when all teams finish their current leagues we will then proceed, as we always have, with opening our skate park, beginning our spring/summer leagues, and utilizing the Dome for training.

We are now in negotiations with the administrator of the summer soccer leagues that the Dome hosted last year when the Luzerne County Rec. fields flooded. Plans this year are to coordinate the leagues fully out of the Dome beginning in May. Hopefully this will avoid possible issues with weather, field conditions, etc. Our field hockey leagues will also be running.

It is unfortunate that we find ourselves in the position of having to defend the current rumors that are backed with absolutely no factual information. It is unfortunate that individuals choose to spread rumors that unfairly impact the hard work our staff dedicates everyday. For anyone who may be involved in passing on this information we ask that you ask yourself if you would like the same information spread about you. If you're passing the information on, note that it is completely without merit.

We can never stops rumors the desperate individuals outside of the WVSC choose to spread. If the situation continues our only recourse will be to consult our attorney for legal guidance. We would at least hope to stop internal sharing of negative information within our own club. We hope to see our sporting complex operating for years to come and serving the needs of the many youth and adults who have enjoyed it.


Ed  Suchoski

WYOMING VALLEY SOCCER CLUB, Inc.                                                                      3/12/06
We are proud to announce that the Wyoming Valley Soccer Club (WVSC) is a Non-Profit, Tax Exempt Organization recognized as operating under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, as determined by the Internal Revenue Service. This non-profit status will allow us to pursue more opportunities to promote soccer among the children of the Northeast Pennsylvania.

WVSC is now a qualified public charity that can receive tax deductible donations, sponsorships and contributions from any outside donors. We will aspire to provide our athletes with the opportunity to compete consistently at the highest level in state, regional, and national tournaments. We also intend to reach out to sponsors: both public and private, to raise funds and help our players and their families reduce costs so that no child in Northeast Pennsylvania is deprived of the opportunity to excel in soccer.

In addition to seeking contributions and sponsorships, WVSC is also striving to improve our service to our members. We have organized the club into the functional areas of player/coach development, general affairs, finance, registration, and Public Relations/Long-Range Planning/Fundraising. We are also seeking input and assistance from our members. If you see a need, have an idea, have information or the ability to help please send an email to Jerry McDonald (J-McDonald@msn.com) and inform him of your idea or willingness to help. Perhaps you have the ability to help in such subcategories; uniforms, patches, communications, etc. If so, please inform Jerry McDonald.

Finally, please look for improvements to occur in several areas. One area is billing and collecting of funds. As a non-Profit Corporation, WVSC must operate under strict IRS guidelines. Beginning year end the club will be able to accept your membership and training fees via Visa or MasterCard. Until that time only checks addressed to WVSC will be accepted. In order to serve members better, WVSC developed a timeline for fall 2006 registration. That timeline begins with collecting information regarding returning players during the month of May, 2006. We hope to have teams organized and information collected by June 1, 2006. Please look for information requests and respond within the time guidelines requested.

We hope that this non-profit status will promote us to a new level of club activity.


Javier Rodriguez