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3/31/06 Congratulations to our teams:

The Wyoming Valley Soccer Club congratulates the WVSC '90Girls team.

December 27, 2006 U-15Girls  Indoor Tournament at Lanco Fieldhouse  WVSC '90 Girls First Place

Leagues Record:

League Location Year Division Record (W-L-T) Position
PAGS League Philadelphia 2009  Championship 1-2-0  
PAGS League Philadelphia 06-07  Championship 2-6-1  
Rock League Philadelphia Spring 2006 1st Division 1-3-0 10 out of 11

Tournaments Record

Tournaments Location Year Division Record (W-L-T) Position
Bloomsburg College Showcase Bloomsburg 5/5-5/6, 2007   1-1-1  
Spirit United Kickoff Classic Tour. Philadelphia 8/19-8/20,2006 Elite 1-2-0  
Delco Players Cup Philadelphia 5/27-5/28,2006 Championship 0-3-0  
Outdoor State Cup Philadelphia Spring 2006 National    

PAGS Short season Fall 2009

Date Away or Home Time Score Directions:
Sat 8/29/09 CDSA Power vs WVSC '91G 2:00PM L 4-2 Line Road  # 4
Sat 8/29/09 WVSC '91G vs LV United Xtreme 6:00PM W 5-3 Line Road  # 1
Sun 8/30/09 Spirit United Courage vs WVSC '91G 2:00PM L 4-2 Line Road  # 2

Rock Spring 2006 League

Date League Away or Home Time Directions:
4/2/06 Rock Home (Won 2-1) 1:00pm  
4/9/06 Rock Away (WVSC team forfeit) 2:30pm  
4/23/06 Rock Away (Cancelled-rained) 2:30pm  
4/30/06 Rock Home (Lost 3-0) 1:00pm  
5/7/06 Rock Away (Lost 4-0) 4:30pm  
5/21/06 Rock Away (Cancelled-High School Banquet) 4:00pm  
6/4/06 Rock Home (Cancelled-Outdoor State Cup at 12:00PM) 1:00pm  

Delco Players Cup Tournament (5/26/06 - 5/29/06)

Date, Time & Field # Teams Division Score Directions:
5/26/06 8:15PM # 2 Lenape Valley Killer Bees vs WVSC U-15G Championship L 4-0 www.go2ustc.com
5/27/06 1:00PM # 21 WVSC U-15Girls vs LDC United Eclipse Championship L 4-0 www.go2ustc.com
5/28/06 9:15AM # 21 WVSC U-15G vs Morris United Mystics Championship L 3-0 www.go2ustc.com

                                                            Outdoor State Cup - June, 2006

Date Teams Time Field # Directions:
6/4/06 FC Bucks (7) vs WVSC U-15Girls (0) 12:00PM    

                                                           Spirit United Kickoff Classic Tournament (8/19/06 - 8/20/06)

Date, Time & Field # Teams Division Score Directions:
8/19/06 10:30AM # 9 Calvert Alliance 90-91's vs WVSC U-16G Elite L 2-1 www.kickoffclassic.org
8/19/06 3:30PM # 9 Westmont United FC vs WVSC U-16G Elite w 2-0 www.kickoffclassic.org
8/20/06 11:45AM # 7 WVSC U-16G vs WCUSC Warriors Elite L 3-2 www.kickoffclassic.org

                                             PAGS Fall 2006-2007 League

Date Away or Home Time Score Directions:
Sat 9/09/06 Hockessn Barracudas vs WVSC '90G 3:40PM L 2-0 Smith Estates # 1 Use Map quest: Grant Ave & Evans Road Hockessin, DE 19707
Sun 9/17/06 FC Fury vs WVSC '90G 2:00PM L 6-0 East Brandywine
Sun 9/24/06 WVSC '90G vs Hockessn Barracudas 4:20PM T 1-1 Bear Creek Complex
Sat 11/5/06 Hulmevil Flash vs WVSC '90G 3:00PM   Herbert Hoover Elementary School Hul-4
Sun 10/1/06 WVSC '90G vs Philasc Crew 1:20PM L 1-0 Bear Creek Complex
Sun 10/15/06 WVSC '90G vs Deep Run Strikers 12:00PM L 3-1 Bear Creek Complex
Sat 11/11/06 YMS Kixx vs  WVSC '90G     Macclesfield "D"
Sun 10/29/06 WVSC '90G vs FC Fury 1:20PM   Bear Creek Complex
Sun 11/05/06 WVSC '90G vs Hulmevil Flash 3:00PM   Bear Creek Complex
Sun 11/19/06 WVSC '90G vs YMS Kixx 2:00PM   Bear Creek Complex

                                                                                Bloomsburg College Showcasr Tour. 5/5 - 5/6, 2007

Date Teams Time Score Directions:
5/5/07 WVSC U-16G vs NPAA Nether Stampede 5:00PM L 2-0  
5/6/07 WVSC U-16G vs NJ Rangers FC Talon 8:00AM T 0-0  
5/6/07 WVSC U-16G vs Philadelphia Coppa Force 1:30PM W 2-1  

                                                                                        Outdoor State Cup - June, 2007

Date Teams Time Score Directions:
6/11/07 WVSC U-16G vs Montgomery 6:30PM W 1-0 LCSC
6/12/07 Hershey vs WVSC U-16G 7:00PM L 5-0 Creekview