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If not you, who?

To whom it may concern:

                 My name is Javier Rodriguez and I am the Soccer Program Director at the Wyoming Valley Sports Dome in Wilkes-Barre, PA. I have been coaching soccer for 12 years from beginner to advanced levels both for youth and adult players in the Wyoming Valley area.

                 Since February 1998, I have been working with U-7&8, U-9&10, U-11&12, U-13&14, and U-15&16 teams for both boys and girls respectively. We have been meeting once a week for 1 hour training sessions during school time and three-hour training sessions during the summer. League games were played on weeknights and tournaments on weekends. I started with a group of forty players of different ages and skill levels. Currently, I have a group of approximately one hundred fifty players that come to practice on a regular basis. I have teams working together to learn the South American style of soccer.

                 My goals in working with these players are to develop a more competitive soccer level in the Wyoming Valley area and to support local schools providing year-round soccer training for their players. As of now, each player pays a fee at the time of the practice. This fee covers the Sports Dome fields and my service fee. However, not everyone is able to pay for practice every week. There are some players that can not afford to pay both the training fee and tournament league fee. In addition, I have had to provide T-shirts for my teams in all the tournaments we play. That is something that I can not afford to do with every new player that comes to my practices.

                The purpose of this letter is to request sponsorship to be able to provide the Wyoming Valley soccer players with more complete soccer equipment for practices. These items include pennies, cones, soccer balls, shin guards, water bottles, etc.. I would also like to provide the premier teams with uniforms, practice fees, tournament fees and gym subscription for the respective work-out training to avoid injuries.

                If you are interested in becoming part of the improvement of the quality of soccer in the Wyoming Valley, contact me at my home number (570) 472-3299 or check my Web Site: You will be helping to promote the sport of soccer among our youth in order to make soccer more competitive in our area and give our local players more future athletic opportunities. Help make the difference so talented players can be rewarded with the opportunity of having a better and more consistent training in the Wyoming Valley area.

               As a thank you, we will include your business name in our promotional T-shirts and our Web Site. I want to thank you in advance for your collaboration and if you need more information feel free to call me as I will be glad to provide you with more details about our program.



Javier Rodriguez